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Pool Plumbing and Equipments

Pool Plumbing is a important part of your swimming pool, usually not visible on your backyard, most of the times underground, with the correct pool equipment, such a pumps, filter, chlorinator, all well dimensioned you gonna enjoy the pleasure of a swimming in a fresh water. Every poll is different, requiring a special layout of your pipes, and equipment, our team is well trained to attend your needs.

We from Rio Pools and Renovations strong recommend the Zodiac range of swimming pool chlorine generators, create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you don’t need to add chlorine to your pool manually, making the life much easier.

Chlorine Generators use electrolysis to sanitize your swimming pool, by passing salt water through and electrolytic cell which converts chloride contained in the salt water into chlorine. A chlorine generator also helps to eliminate red eyes, skin irritations and harsh chemical odors which can be caused by conventional chlorinated pools.

Pool Decking

Timber Decking Restoration is also part of our service. We not just can restore your pool but also we can provide a full decking or paving restoration to match you new look outdoor living entertainment area. Read More.

Pool Tiles

Tiles are the premium choice for the finish of your pool. They come in a range of different colors, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes. You can choose between glass or ceramic.
The tiles you decide on can be used for your waterline only or you can fully tile your pool giving it that real wow factor. Read More.

Water Features and Spa Additions

• Pool waterfall

• Hurlcon Silkflow spillway

• Waterblade Water Features

• Aqua Acrylic water features

• Rain effect waterfall

• Rain effect water features

• Water features with lighting

Pool Renovations

• Fully tile

• Fibreglassing

• Epoxy painting

• Pebble crete

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